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Silgen is a true European story

Silgen is an R&D project with over a decade of operation, aiming to develop and commercialise a complex state-of-the-art farming and processing method of European catfish, which is a beautiful, wild, predatory fish with white, boneless, firmly textured filet.

The Silgen vision was based on the solid principles of the core team. The love of nature and animals, the belief that access to healthy food is a fundamental human right, the conviction that the future agriculture must be sustainable, and it must be in balance with the environment, have accompanied the whole project.

After its first decade, the project has resulted in two different product types: a complex farming technology, and a premium consumer product.

This work was supported by several smaller and bigger partners, but the core team consists of 5 leading European partners.

They are:

AHRENHORSTER is one of the best European intensive catfish producers, with over 20 years’ experience in intensive catfish breeding and use of high tech and innovative technologies for lean and efficient production.

ARANYPONTY is one of the largest fish producers and retailers in Central Europe. They have full-scale fish farm system of over 1,500 hectares at Retimajor, Hungary, operating a high-standard fish hatchery and several wintering ponds. Their Quality Assurance System grants high quality local products, traceable from egg to plate.

G2O is a fish farm operator and is well-known for being a leading technology transfer and fish farm engineering company in Europe. For the past 35 years they have been overseeing the production and development of thousands of hectares of fish farms.

GARANT has been producing and distributing fish feed for over 60 years. They are pioneers in compound feed production, manufacturing at 3 major locations, and have a large international commercial network. Innovation is a focal point of GARANT’s corporate philosophy. The combination of traditional flora and fauna knowledge with latest scientific applications and technologies characterizes their approach.

KSERIS is a business development and innovation support company focused on commercialising novel complex technologies. KSERIS traditionally fosters collaborative mechanisms in innovation valorisation, with strong experience in cross-border, interdisciplinary cooperation.

Product for consumers

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Ribogojstvo Gospić

G2O d.o.o.



The filets are perfectly detached from the middle bone and the belly flaps and back hem are removed by hand. As a result, you get the finest boneless filet ready to use.



The sous vide filet package contains pre-seasoned Silgen fillets portions in vacuum-sealed biodegradable bag, which have received sous vide treatment to result in an outstanding convenience food product featuring consistent, premium restaurant quality, fast and guaranteed easy preparation, with a long shelf-life.