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Ingredients for
4 persons:


25 gr. dried morels soaked in 100 ml. Water or

100 gr. Fresh morels

800 grams of asparagus

400 gr. snow peas

400 gr. young carrots

50 grams of butter

50 gr. flour

200 ml. cream

0.1 l white wine

400 g. skinless Silgen catfish fillet, cut into pieces

Boil the asparagus in 500 ml lightly salted water for 5 minutes, remove from the broth and allow to cool, cut into 3 cm pieces.


In the salted water, cook the snow peas for 3 minutes and then the carrots for 5 minutes. Keep all the vegetables warm at around 80 degrees. Measure out 250 ml of the vegetable stock. Add the morel stock, the cream, and the white wine, add the butter-flour mixture, and bring to the boil, add the catfish pieces, and let stand for about 3 minutes.


Season with salt and pepper, add the remaining vegetables and carefully heat everything up again.


Duration: Approx. 30 min