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News from Garant (Silgen feed producer partner)

In February the vacuum coater at their plant in Aschach/Danube was replaced by a new one. The following improvements were achieved:

– Significant higher output (from 3 t per hour to 8 t/h)

– Additional oil-dosages (5 dosages instead of 3)

– New liquid micro-dosages for vitamins and enzymes

– Higher vacuum possible

– Additional (more) dosing/vacuum-steps possible

In the coater various oils, vitamins and enzymes are sprayed-on in batches at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum. A big advantage of the vacuum coating is, that larger quantities of oil (up to 30%) can be sprayed-on – during the low-pressure relief the oils are absorbed into the pellets and do not only adhere on the surface.

The dosage of phytase enables fish to break down and utilize the plant phosphorous. By adding microbially obtained phytase, the phosphorous digestibility of the feed significantly increases. Thus, fish can take advantage of additional phosphorous potential and the excretion of undigested phosphorous into the water can be significantly reduced.

Further advantages include energy-saving engines, state-of-the-art machine control and thus, easier obtaining of spare parts as well as guaranteed reliability.